X Ball is a vintage brick-out style game originally released in 2000 A.D and recently updated and re-released after many years missing in action. Anyone who has ever enjoyed playing brick-out could love this game. You begin the game with 1000 dollars in funding which slowly ticks down as you play the game. When your funding runs out the game is over, so the faster you beat the levels and the more funding you collect the better. Powerups can be bought with your funding and stored for later use, make timing and powerup combinations a key aspect of game play. There are many original twists, including a powerup to place explosions, a powerup that makes your palette magnetically attract balls, exploding bricks, falling bricks, and an army of enemies to get in your way. X Ball has 30 levels out of the box and over 1000 levels in the library of user contributed worlds available for download from this site. The full version could keep you entertained for days.

X Ball is shareware. If you enjoy playing the game, please support us by registering your copy. Although X Ball has been largely a labor of love, without your donations we could not afford to spend time working on projects like this game. Your contributions are what make shareware and games like X Ball possible. The demo version is limited to levels one through ten. When you register, you will receive a license code that enables you to play all thirty levels as well as on levels created by other people, and also unlocks the world editor so you can create levels of your own.