Check out some of these highlights from the X Ball user contributed world library! Rate your favorite world to have it added to this list.


For those of you unfamiliar with X Ball, here are some quick features that make it stand out in the brick breaking world:
  • Cash based scoring and the ability to buy and sell powerups
  • An army of intelligent enemies to battle
  • The ability to save games
  • Internet submisison of scores
  • Countless permutations of bricks
  • A World Editor and a community that actively shares their creations
  • Close to 1000 levels available for download!

  • You can download a demo of X Ball for free, but you'll need a registration code to play past level ten or to use the World Editor.

    New in version 2.1, you can submit your high scores over the internet to compete with the best X Ball players in the world! Here are the all time highs for the default world Earth 2999 A.D.

    All Time High ScoresLevelScoreDate
    1. Dave101005/8/19

    You can also submit your highs scores for any user contributed worlds created with X Ball 2.1 or later. Just launch the "Submit High Scores" application that is included in the X Ball archive.